For 16+ year olds

Smart Shopping Challenge

2 hrs. Includes refreshments and take-home guide

A practical session to complement the University, Money and More workshop, the Smart ShoppingChallenge is run in partnership with local supermarkets. Through a fun challenge and teamwork, students-to-be discover shopping skills, practice working out best value, avoid inessential impulse buys, learn the tricks of super-thrifty shoppers and find out how to save money every time they shop. Provides a concise and practical set of ‘smart shopping’ skills needed to make the most of their limited budget including:

  • comparing fresh food with prepacked or preprepared
  • evaluating ‘value’ versions of standard grocery items
  • costing the best way to create a quality pizza
  • creating meals that stretch across the week and pack lunches
  • Includes workbook/guide and a chance to see behind the scenes at the supermarket. 

 Contact us to arrange a session for your child and their friends, your school or college