Practical, detailed and up to the minute advice on working out the cost of your child’s university education, identifying potential savings and helping your child to minimize their debt from day one.

Workshop: University Finance Mythbuster

2 hrs. Includes refreshments and take-home guide

The information session that guides you through the information maze facing parents new to university finance, student banking and budgeting. The session is friendly and interactive with plenty of time for questions. By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Plan ahead with a clear understanding of timelines and deadlines
  • Compare the advantages of studying near home, further afield or outside the UK
  • Understand the Government University Finance system for the coming academic year
  • Find possible sources of non-repayable grants and bursaries
  • Work out the size of living costs loan your child is likely to get
  • Find the best value/most suitable halls using our example costs and tips
  • Make a realistic estimate of your child’s monthly living expenses
  • Calculate your financial contribution and work out how best to pay it
  • Locate sources of vacation work for your child
  • Compare student bank accounts, introductory offers and credit limits
  • Understand how the loan repayments work
  • Know what to do if something goes wrong

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Our Schools Service

All workshops and challenges are available for schools and 6th Form Colleges. They are tailored to the needs and intake of the school/6th form and can be delivered in the evening or during the school/college day. They build on principles set out in Ofsted’s report Developing Financially Capable Young People:
survey of good practice in personal finance education for 11–18-year-olds in schools and colleges. 

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