University, Money and More

For 16+ Year Olds
Workshop: University, Money and More

2 hrs. Includes refreshments and take-home guide

Everything you need to know from applying for your loan to choosing your halls, plus banking, budgeting and our super-helpful 10 Meal Trick. The session is friendly and interactive with plenty of time for questions. By the end of the session you will feel confident about:

  • Your application and student loan timeline – when to apply for what, when you get it and when you have to pay for things
  • Comparing the advantages of studying near home, further afield or outside the UK
  • Finding sources of financial help such as bursaries etc
  • Choosing the right uni accommodation at the right price   
  • Choosing a student bank account that suits you
  • Understanding how credit, overdrafts, APR etc work)
  • Knowing what kind of money you are likely to need, day to day
  • Private accommodation – understanding deposits, landlords and contracts
  • Feeding yourself – with Headstart Uni’s super helpful 10 Meal Trick – our ultimately simple, nutritious and delicious, budget-conscious shopping and cooking plan.
  • Finding and applying for vacation work and using it to enhance your CV

 Contact us to arrange a session for your child and their friends, your school or college.

Our Schools Service

All workshops and challenges are available for schools and 6th Form Colleges. They are tailored to the needs and intake of the school/6th form and can be delivered in the evening or during the school/college day. They build on principles set out in Ofsted’s report Developing Financially Capable Young People:
survey of good practice in personal finance education for 11–18-year-olds in schools and colleges. 

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