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Vacation work experience reflected in our Interview workshop

To make our workshops for 16+ year olds as relevant as possible, we constantly monitor the experiences of current students. In this way we are going beyond the theory to present really practical information. Our workshop ‘Approaching Interviews with Confidence’ includes tips, suggestions and links from our survey of students and their recent vacation work experiences – from where and when to start looking for vacation work to how to structure a CV that gets results. For most students, regular vacation or part time work isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a necessity. Headstart Uni’s Interview workshop helps them achieve it.

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Maintenance loans drop in third year

From 2014/15 the maintenance loan for final year students is now reduced, the assumption being that final year students will go into well paid employment and won’t have to pay rent after June. However we have heard a report of one student who found their third year of four was being treated as their ‘final’ year and that it took a ‘financial hardship interview’ with the uni’s finance office to sort it out …

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