Practical, detailed and up to the minute advice on working out the cost of your child’s university education, identifying potential savings and helping your child to minimize their debt from day one.

University Finance Mythbuster workshop

The information session that guides you through the information maze facing parents new to university finance, student banking and budgeting. The session is friendly and interactive with plenty of time for questions.

How much should we budget to put our child through university? When should they apply for university finance and when does the money arrive? What is reasonable amount to give them for living expenses?’ Where can we find bursaries or scholarships to help with the cost?’

These are just some of the questions parents have asked us, and which we answer in our University Finance Mythbuster workshop. 

This workshop covers the detail that’s often difficult to piece together, such as how much additional credit your child is likely to be offered with their student bank account, how to find the best deals in university accommodation, how much you are likely to need to ‘top up’ their loan and whether it’s worth considering studying abroad. And because there is ample time for questions and answers you leave the session with the information you need for your individual situation. 

“For any parent, carer or child weighing up university as the next step, Headstart Uni provides an essential one-stop source of crucial, well researched information - whether you are unclear about funding, loans and potential debt or simply concerned that your child hasn’t a clue about budgeting, shopping or indeed cooking. Headstart Uni has simply taken the headache out of piecing together the research.” Peter Bloom, parent of 17yr old planning to go to University