Leaving home with confidence

Many teenagers feel ‘thrown in the deep end’ when they leave home because they lack financial and life skills. Our workshops for 16-18 year olds help them to prepare for their new life with a concentration of practical and useful information in an enjoyable, interactive format. 

From managing money to shopping and cooking our workshops for 16-18 year olds mean they can start their new life at university with confidence.

Our Uni, Money and More workshop covers all the essentials of university application, loans, student bank accounts, understanding credit, shopping for best value in student accommodation and more and includes our ‘10 Meal Trick’ – the invaluable no-skills needed self catering meal plan. The Smart Shopping Challenge takes them to a supermarket for a session of fun price and value comparisons and sets them the task of shopping for a delicious, nutritious meal with added ‘pack lunch potential’ on a tight budget. 

In addition we offer a variety of further, tailored workshops as needed, including help with Personal Statements, choosing and applying for university, interview and social skills and finding vacation work.