Why Smart Shopping

Many teenagers visit supermarkets only to buy lunch and have little concept of budgeting or comparing value when faced with a choice of brands. Our Smart Shopping Challenge equips them with the skills they need to evaluate best buys and save money, from day one. 

Smart Shopping Challenge

This practical workshop gives 16-18 year olds a fun, crash course in the kind of smart shopping techniques most parents take for granted. Working with local supermarkets, we have developed a challenge-based session which shows teenagers how to find the best value buys, how to evaluate branded, supermarket own brand and ‘no frills’ labels plus a raft of tips from super-thrifty shoppers including how to turn last night’s dinner into next day’s pack lunch, stocking up on big quantities of rice, pasta and much more. We also look at how to shop for our 10 Meal Trick, covered in our University, Money and More workshop.

“The Smart Shopping was cool, we loved the moneysaving challenge!” 
Lucy Whitear, Y13 school student

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