About Headstart Uni

Headstart Uni is unique in providing clear, comprehensive guidance for students preparing to go to university as well as their parents. It provides parents with a guide to how the university finance, student banking and accommodation systems now work. It provides their children with the skills and understanding they need to make best use of the money they have and avoid unnecessary debt. Our approach is firmly based on the experiences of current students and their parents, giving you a realistic and rounded picture of what to expect and how to manage it.

Workshop sessions are held in relaxed and comfortable surroundings in Twickenham and include light refreshments. Our fun Smart Shopping challenges take place at local supermarkets.

We also offer a range of other services as needed, including help with Personal Statements, the application process, interviews, social skills and finding vacation work.

Our service to schools is tailored to the needs of the students and parents. We can offer anything from presentations to workshops and challenges for groups of students. Contact us for more information.

Lucy Timms, MSc, PGCE, CMI Mentor & Coach, is a teacher, mentor and coach with a wealth of experience in both the business and education worlds. She has taught at schools, colleges and universities and has worked extensively as a consultant in the private and public sector. She has also worked as an Economist and as a client relationship manager in the City.

Hilary Thomson, BA, is a marketing consultant, former advertising agency owner, executive director and advertising awards judge. As a financial copywriter she specialises in clarifying complex information for financial institutions, enabling clients to make informed decisions. She also works with the University of Exeter Alumnae group, helping students to acquire networking and employability skills.


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On Wednesday 25th June HeadStartUni were very pleased to be able to meet parents and students of Teddington school new 6th Form to talk about the issues of University Finance, maximising independence and minimising debt.

Talk at Teddington School


Really useful workshops … I would recommend these to any parents who want their children to manage their money and minimize their debt.

Cathy O’Farrell, parent of Y12 school student


As a university lecturer I’m pleased to see a service that delivers practical, realistic information about university finance and budgeting for parents and their teenagers.

Vanessa Beever, parent and university lecturer


An essential one-stop source of crucial, well researched information … Headstart Uni has simply taken the headache out of piecing together the research.

Peter Bloom, parent of Y13 school student


I feel loads more confident about managing my money and bank account – thank you Headstart Uni!

Ciaran Ambler Y13 school student